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The true cost of clothing is very well documented since the 90s however it is easily ignored.
Profits are always chosen over the welfare of workers and the environment.
The drive to make our own label was to build a company around a philosophy of respect that directly addresses these issues without compromise and of course a deep love of clothing.
Good Vibes, Karma, whatever you want to call it we just want to make and wear clothes that have been made in a good place we want to surround ourselves with this.

Our fundamental values are:
1. Only supporting organic agriculture 
2. Always respecting the people who grow, pick, spin, weave, sew and knit every sono garment
3. Carefully sourcing every element as local as possible, developing long lasting relationships with suppliers who share our same philosophy of respect.
4. Using wool from suppliers that respect animal welfare. 
5. Avoiding petroleum based solutions and avoiding all plastics.
6. Keeping waste to a minimum. 
7. Built in longevity to garment construction and design allowing clothes to be worn for decades instead of seasons. 
Our fabrics:
We use cottons coming from biological crops not subject to pesticides, chemical fertilizers and genetically modified seeds and wools produced from sheep reared in biological farms and free from any mulesing treatment.

Sono was and is a challenge,

a project to prove it is possible to create and manufacture designer clothing within the seasonal structure without compromise at any level. 


Ecological and sustainable clothing without compromise.